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Wodonga Gardens

The retirement you’ve dreamt of is on our doorstep

Wodonga Gardens is a gated community for retirees located in West Wodonga Victoria. We are a vibrant community of retirees over the age of 55. A good retirement means not having to worry – about home maintenance, upkeep or even gardening. It means feeling secure, financially and in your home. It means having peace of mind.

Enjoy having friends to spend your new found free time with and knowing that should you need help someone is always nearby. At Wodonga Gardens we work hard to give our residents the best retirement possible.

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Wodonga Gardens

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The People Make It Perfect

Neighbours who are also friends

One of the great advantages of living at the Estate is that you soon get to know not just your immediate neighbours, but your entire neighbourhood. Our residents come from all walks of life and many form new and long lasting friendships with people they might otherwise have never met. Of course this doesn’t mean they give up friendships with people living outside of the Estate – visitors are always welcome and residents are free to entertain them in their own homes or the Community Centre.

Socialise as much or as little as you like

While living at the Estate provides many opportunities to get together with other residents how much time you spend socialising is entirely up to you. A common misconception about retirement estates is that you will be forced to participate in events held at the Estate – that’s simply not true! We understand that everyone is their own person, it’s what makes our community the rich, vibrant, exciting place it is. To that end you can join in as much or as little as you like – your home is your own and it should reflect what you want.

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Safe & friendly

Join a community with friendly, caring neighbours. Our community is pet friendly too.


Deferred management fee (DMF).