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About Aspen Group

Aspen is dedicated to redefining accessible living across Australia. Founded on the principle that everyone deserves access to quality accommodation without sacrificing value, Aspen has emerged as a reputable provider of affordable living solutions. We are committed to offering a variety of accommodation options that cater to the needs and aspirations of individuals and families nationwide.

Aspen is a leading provider of affordable, quality accommodation servicing approximately 40% of Australian households with an annual income of less than $90,000. Comprising three main sectors: lifestyle, holidays and residential living, which includes our CoVE co-living brand, Aspen provides tailored solutions to suit diverse needs while keeping prices below the median price of the area.

Aspen’s portfolio comprises residential living, retirement lifestyle and holiday park communities, located in coastal, metropolitan and regional areas across Australia.

About Aspen Group

Aspen is a leading provider of quality accommodation on competitive terms in residential, retirement and park communities.

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