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Four Lanterns Estate - FAQs

Are Aspen lifestyle Villages retirement villages?

Aspen Lifestyle Villages are generally referred to as manufactured housing estates (MHE’s) residential parks or park home estates and are residential communities whereby residents own their park home or dwelling, but lease the site (land) their home sits on under a Residential Site Agreement (NSW) from Aspen.

What are the unique differences Four lanterns Estate can offer me?

Four Lanterns Estate is a small residential community. Our streets meander through the trees on the estate providing privacy and there are no common walls between the homes. The Park Rules require that incoming residents are over the age of 50 which ensures that the residents have similar needs and lifestyles.

Can I move into the Village if I have children living with me?

The requirement that residents are over the age of 50 means that children under the age of 18 and persons under the age of 50 can visit. however they are generally only allowed to stay in residences at Four Lanterns Estate for short stays. Repeat and frequent visitors should be discussed with Park Management as this condition forms a part of your lease.

Are pets allowed?

Four Lanterns Estate allows a maximum of l dog per home and 2 cats per home, Park Management can provide details of the specific requirements for pets in the park.

If I am interested in buying a home, what would be the next step(s)?

If you have not already done so we recommend that you contact Park Management to book an appointment to inspect the park and discuss your needs. The park manager can provide you with essential information including a disclosure statement when required by state law.

What does the weekly rent cover?

The weekly rental payments cover the lease of the site along with council rates, maintenance and management of the park. Each site is individually metered for electricity and water which is invoiced by the park. Some residents may qualify to receive government rental assistance for part of the rent and we recommend you contact Centrelink to discuss your personal situation.

How are rent Reviews calculated and how often are they reviewed?

The method of how rent reviews are calculated 1s detailed 1n your lease. They are generally conducted annually.

How is the Weekly Rent paid?

Rent and utilities are paid by direct debit every fortnight to ensure that you don’t need to worry about payment dates.

What legislation governs the lease?

MHE’s and permanent residential parks are generally governed at the state level with each state producing an information brochure or booklet to assist in understanding the legislation. Four Lanterns Estate 1s covered under the Residential (Land Lease) Communities Act 2013 and Regulations.

What legislation governs the park and the homes?

The park and the homes 1n the park are governed in NSW by Local Government (Manufactured Home Estates, Caravan Parks, Camping Grounds and Moveable Dwellings) Regulation 2005.

Can anyone use the facilities?

The facilities of the park are for the use of residents and their guests only.

Do I own the home?

Yes, you own the home but rent the site. It 1s your asset therefore It 1s a willable asset.

Can visitors stay with me?

Naturally, relatives and any other visitors you wish to invite are welcome in your home at any time. There are restrictions on the length of time visitors can stay with you, please check with Park Management for more details. Residents are responsible for their visitors.

Are there any hidden fees?

All fees are detailed in the site lease agreement. Stamp duty is not applicable on the sale of the home and there are no Body Corporate fees. There are no Exit or Deferred Management Fees (DMF) when you sell your home.

If 1 choose to sell my home, how do I do this and what fees and charges apply?

You can sell your home yourself, through an agent or Park Management. Your chosen sales consultant or Park Management can assist you with the fees. No Exit Fees apply.

I prefer to live a private lifestyle- is an Aspen Living Village for me?

Our residents can get as involved in the community as they like. As all our homes are stand-alone properties it is up to the individual to decide how involved in the community they want to be.

What is a manufactured home? What is the difference between manufactured and modular homes?

Manufactured or park homes are generally constructed off-site and transported to their intended residential location upon completion. At the site, the home is secured and connected to the various services – water, electricity, sewerage and telephone. No gas service is available at Four Lanterns and residents organise bottled LPG gas to be delivered to their home. Manufactured homes are built to industry standards and comply with all relevant government legislation.

The terms ‘manufactured homes’, ‘modular homes’ and ‘park homes’ are often widely used interchangeably to refer to homes constructed off-site.

Where can I find additional information?

You can contact our experienced Park Manager, visit the NSW Department of Fair Trading website www.fairtrading.nsw.gov.au or talk to any of our friendly residents.

For Sales assistance please contact the Park Manager, your real estate agent or email us at [email protected]

Ready to find out more?

For more information on Four Lanterns Estate or to book an inspection, please contact our friendly sales team.


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