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Assistant Manager – Highway 1 Tourist Park

Do you have what we are looking for?

  • Assistant Property Manager
  • Responsible for Operational Activities
  • Free Cabin Accommodation Included
  • Career Path to Senior Leadership Roles
  • Adelaide Based

Aspen (www.AspenHolidayParks.com.au) caters to families, couples, singles and students who require affordable holiday accommodation near the center of Adelaide. As an Assistant Manager you will live in one of our cabins (single, couple and family sizes) and be trained in all facets of tourism hospitality. It is an exciting ambassadorial role as the relationships you form with our guests will be pivotal to them enjoying their holiday. This is a great opportunity for anyone that loves life and enjoys helping others to do the same.

Due to our continued growth and successful internal promotions, we require a quality Assistant Property Manager to join our team and work closely with the Property Manager and Operations manager. The Operations Manager reports to the CEO, so you are not far away from the top!!

To be a successful Assistant Manager in our team you will need to demonstrate some people management experience and, most importantly, you will:

  • Jump at the chance to help others who would benefit from your experience and knowledge
  • Enjoy being outdoors and like having a red hot go at fixing something that is broken
  • Learn quickly, you rarely have to be shown how to do something more than once
  • Be intuitive, you usually can quickly identify where the problem is
  • Respond well to demands on your time and generally work at a brisk pace
  • Take on leadership roles comfortably but you have the confidence to allow others to take the lead to achieve the desired outcome
  • Be quite social and rarely have nothing to say, your friends would say you are engaging
  • Trust established processes that are proven to work but will occasionally question whether there is a better way
  • Not be easily hoodwinked, you can see when something is just not quite right
  • Be known to make very good, timely, decisions. Your friends value your advice
  • When passionate about a subject you do not easily drop it, you can be a little stubborn when it is important to you
  • Enjoy your independence but you are certainly not a lone wolf, you enjoy being collaborative

If the above resonates with you, we just may have the career you have been looking for. A career that you will not only be passionate about but will also position you for many future successes.

Please show your interest by applying now with your resume and cover letter.

Job ID: 1

Location: 925-963 Port Wakefield Road, Bolivar SA 5110, Australia,

Job Type: Full Time